Générique Guggulu extract - , Shuddha Guggulu, Gugguhills

  • Shuddha guggulu

    Shuddha Guggulu
    • 60 dpi

    Shuddha Guggulu (Indian Bdellium/Commiphora wightii) was prescribed for the treatment of medoroga, a disease that closely resembles the symptoms of hyperlipidemia including high blood cholesterol and the hardening of arteries. Shuddha Guggulu has been used historically for centuries to support normal fat levels and metabolism.

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  • Gugguhills®

    Guggulu Extract
    • 1mg

    Guggulhills Tablet is an effective blend of herbs for Healthy Weight & Cholesterol Management. Its anti-lipidemic activity delays accumulation of fatty substances which may help in weight management and the anti-inflammatory & analgesic property may help relieve joint pain.

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